If you are an Apartment Owner and want to purchase a Heater package, give us a Call.
Equipment Rental to Do It Yourself - $500.00 for 5 Day Rental

If you have discovered that you have bed bugs in a localized area of your home or apartment which should be confirmed by a certified Canine inspector then Thermotech can provide you with another solution. It is important to have this checked properly to ensure a successful treatment.

Thermotech Environmental Inc. has the option to Rent you a heater that will treat bedrooms or smaller areas. Larger areas can be treated but will require the need to partition the area into smaller units. This can be accomplished with a tarp or plastic sheet. Furniture can be treated by placing the furniture together with the heater in the middle and then covering with a tarp or blankets. Typically the heater is run for at least 3 to 4 hours after the room is at temperature or above 130F or 48C. Bed bugs will die at 120F or 38C in 3 minutes but the temperature needs to stay above this temperature to allow the heat to get into areas the bed bugs hide.

Thermotech has two Heat Kits available for rent but both will provide the heat required to kill the bed bugs effectively. Both kits have long extension cords to run the unit as they require 3 separate 15 Amp circuits to operate. You will be given all the instructions to effectively do the job. Phone support is also provided should you have any questions.

Cost for Rental is $500.00 for 5 days. Thermotech can provide a reduced rate if the equipment is picked up and dropped off at our shop in Devon. Regular rate applies to pick up and drop off in the Greater Edmonton area only.

Thermotech rents the equipment for 5 days just in case you wish to treat other areas as a precaution. Note: Not recommended to treat bathrooms. This way you can treat the effected area then treat another area and finally you can redo the initial area. The heater is designed to reach the proper temperature and then it will cycle to maintain the proper temperature. We also provide an Infrared Temperature gun so that temperatures can be monitored during treatment. This allows you to redirect heat to areas that may not be up to temp.

Call us at 780-718-6580 if you need any additional information.

Heater Packages

Will treat up to 300 to 400 sq. ft. area.

ePro Heater Part 1

ePro Heater Part 2

Climb Up Interceptors - $5.50 per Trap when picked up.

(Note: Delivery Extra)

Thermotech has discovered a great product to monitor for bed bugs that will not breakdown over time or become non-effective. The Climb-Up Interceptors allow the user to create a safe island to sleep on without the worry of the bugs getting up to feed in the night. They are very simple to use and are made of a sturdy plastic to last for a long time. They can be used under furniture or bed legs to protect the bug from climbing up and harboring.

To use these items, you will need one trap per leg. If the item does not have legs then you can add a block of wood into the trap to create an elevated surface to mount the furniture on. The traps are placed under the item to be protected and they will allow the bug to climb up the outside and then get caught in the outer ring. The traps come with Talcum powder in them to provide ease of separation and this will kill the bug as well. If they do get dusty, they can be cleaned out and powder (Talcum, Baby or Diatomaceous Earth) can then be reapplied. You will also need to keep the item about an inch from the wall and make sure nothing such as bed skirts or blankets touch the floor or walls. Therefore the only way up is through the trap.

To protect a bed, do the following. Take the bed apart right down to the frame. If the headboard touches the ground, it should be adjusted so it is off the ground by an inch or removed until the problem is fixed. Then vacuum the complete frame making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. Install the traps under all the legs or supports. Now vacuum the box spring and mattress. If you have had the problem for awhile then it would be a good suggestion to install bed bug covers on the box spring and mattress. Put the box spring and mattress back on the frame and leave bed skirts off for awhile so you can monitor the traps easily. Make the bed and have a good night sleep.

When monitoring the traps, if the bugs are found in the outer ring then the bug is coming from an outside source (under baseboards, dresser or anywhere else they are hiding). If they are in the inside well then they came off the item you are protecting. They may have hitched on you back onto the bed as an example.

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