How do I protect myself once bed bugs are detected

Once bed bugs are discovered there is always a wait time before treatment can be started. Do not try to deal with bed bugs by yourself. If you are in a Multi-unit environment (Apartments, town homes or Condos), contact the manager or Condo board. Most will have something in place to deal with the issue. If not then check into various options of treatment. Thermotech provides a heat treating process which has proven to be highly effective. We realise that there is preparation for treatment to be done before a treatment can be done and therefore a delay in time which is typically a week or more. The better you can sleep, the more rested you are and the process will go more smoothly with less stress.

The best way to protect yourself is to create an island for yourself so you can sleep at night. Bed bugs are nocturnal which means they only come out at night and will feed on you while you are sleeping. They typically feed in the early hours of the morning as they are attracted to Carbon Dioxide which you breath out. Once they detect this they realise there is food close by and will exert the energy to look for the food which unfortunately is you. Bed bugs only feed on blood as their source for food. Therefore if you can prevent them from getting to you, they cannot get the food. There are commercial products out there such as Climb up Interceptors (which are available through Thermotech - ). However a quick method can be achieved by using plastic containers (old margarine containers or Tupperware as an example) under the bed legs.

To properly create the island follow these instructions:

1) Tear the bed down to the frame and if it has a wood headboard remove it until treatment can be done

2) Vacuum the frame off completely - every little nook and cranny

3) Place the Climb up Interceptors or plastic bowls under each leg making sure to keep the bed about an inch away from any wall. Bed bugs need to climb up to their food. They do not jump, fly or climb up the walls and drop on you from the ceiling.  If the head board has legs that touch the floor, place them in plastic bowls as well or remove it until treatment can be done.

4) Now vacuum the box spring very carefully to make sure you get every little crack or fold.

5) Place it on the frame and do not put any bed skirts on or anything that touches the floor.

6) Then vacuum the mattress and pay close attention to every little nook and cranny

7) Make the bed with clean sheets and blankets.

8) while sleeping, make sure the pillow is not pushed against the wall. This will create the island as the only path to the food is up the legs of the bed which are protected by the interceptors or plastic bowls.

Note: The one unfortunate concern would be if the bed did not have legs. The option maybe to sleep on the couch which can be vacuumed and legs put into plastic containers to create the island effect.

Thermotech's heat process take approx. 7 hrs. to complete and will kill all forms of the pest in a single Chemical Free treatment. You can then put the place back in order. However if the management decides to proceed to treat with chemicals, then this method will protect you for the 6 to 8 weeks it takes to go through their treatment.