Canine Inspection for Bed Bugs

Thermotech uses an independent source for canine inspection due to the fact it is not a conflict in interest. Meaning if I have my canine, I can create a lot of work for myself. If a company does use their canine to inspect the unit then they should use another source to clear the unit after treatment.

It is very important when getting a canine inspection that the inspector produces physical evidence the pest is present. Bed bugs always leave evidence whether it is the bug itself, spotting, eggs or shells. If a canine inspector cannot produce physical evidence and only goes by their canine indicating then I would be very cautious. We have dealt with various inspectors and treated several units that were indicated to have an issue and nothing was found during treatment. The advantage of doing the heat process is the process does take several hours and the bugs are attracted to the heat. Therefore they will more than likely come out. Also our techs are in there several times during the process moving items around and looking for issues.

One of our canine inspectors we deal with and have had very good success stated the following. "The canine is there to tell the handler where to look". This should be the same as dogs trained for drugs. If you went to court and the handler told the judge that there were drugs in the unit because my dog sat down. Judge would reply "Where is the evidence?" Therefore if they cannot find the evidence then there is no proof the problem exists.

If you hire a canine inspector, ask if they find physical evidence to prove the problem exists. Listen to their response and if they rely solely on their canine then it might be a suggestion to find one that will. They need to produce physical evidence.