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Thermotech Environmental Inc. was the first Thermapure Licensed provider in Alberta. We have been treating Bed Bug problems for over 4 years using the Patented Thermapure Heat Process.

This is a One-Time Chemical Free Solution to your Bed Bug issues. It saves the need to throw out Furniture and Mattresses as the heat will penetrate all the way through these items and kill all forms of the pest in a single treatment. Thermotech uses only safe equipment either Electric Heaters to reach up to 22 Stories and In-Direct Diesel Fired heaters for lower units or houses. Thermotech can treat an individual apartment without disturbing all the units around it. Bed bugs are attracted to the heat.

Why Choose Thermotech?

1) We have been using the Thermapure Heat Process exclusively for over 4 Years
2) Long Term Employees that were properly trained
3) Very high success rate (95% first time treatment with proper preparation)
4) Detailed Prep Sheet provided with enough time to prepare for treatment
5) Proper employee Training in the Thermapure Process
6) No damage to structure or personal items
7) Treat individual apartments without the worry of spreading the problem
8) Servicing the Greater Edmonton and Calgary Areas
9) Licensed to provide service in all of Alberta
10) Provide information to prevent reoccurrence

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