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  • INSURANCE & CONSTRUCTION INSURANCE & CONSTRUCTION Thermotech can supply Temporary heat or dry out a structure before Mould has time start.Reduces cost of repairs and unnecessary building materials going to the Landfill.
  • PEST PEST “Hey, We Don’t Bite!” But We get the Bugs that do. One Time Chemical Free Treatment using the Thermapure Heat Process. Don’t expose your self to Chemicals and Multiple treatments when you can sanitize your place in a Single treatment.
  • MOULD INSPECTION MOULD INSPECTION Thermotech can provide you with a quality mould inspection to determine the extent of your problem. We can determine the source of the problem and provide advise for remediation.
  • REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Provide your clients with a Clean Sanitized Residence before they move in. Thermotech uses the Thermapure heat process to treat the structure for Allergens, Mould, Odors and all forms of Pests in a single Chemical Free treatment. Eliminate Clients coming back to you with Environmental Issues in the structure. This treatment would be done between move out of the Vendor and move in of the Client when the unit is empty.

Call Us Today: 780-487-8878