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Thermotech can provide you a Heater package to effectively heat your rooms to rid you of you pesky Bed Bugs. This will kill all forms of the bug in a single treatment. We rent the heaters for 5 days to allow the opportunity to treat room multiple times.

To ensure effective treatment, Thermotech would recommend having your place first checked by a Canine Inspection team. This will determine if the problem is isolated to a single room or more wide spread. Isolated rooms can be treated using our Rental Heater packages but if the problem is spread out it would be wise to seek professional help to treat the structure all at once. Click HERE to go to our Link page

All instructions provided and includes delivery in Edmonton Area. Travel charges may be added if outside the area.

(Note: Price reduced for units that are picked up and returned)

For Information or Book a Heater Package

Call: 780-718-6580 (No Text)

If your problem is more extensive and requires professional service with Heat Treatment. Thermotech recommends -
     Heat Strike Pest Control Inc.